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Created by. emma_eivhammar glacier. glaciär. destabilize. Destabilisera. rapidly. hastigt.

Glaciers erode the landscape through quizlet

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wetland flooding. Inre krafter som formar jordens yta. EX. Landhöjning & landsänkning, bergvekning, jordbävningar, vulkanism. (plattektonik, vulkanism, bergkedjeveckning). Ett stort istäcke på land eller i hav som rör sig genom sin egen tyngd. Är en kompaktion av tät packad snö.

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Glaciers carry great amounts of soil, rock, and clay. Some of the boulders they carry are as big as houses.

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These are plucking and abrasion .

During summer the glaciers melt down and rich source of pure water is obtained. Glaciers erode through two main processes and they are plucking and abrasion. -Hops. Glaciers usually follow the easiest route down a mountain, which is often an old river valley. Interlocking spurs created by a river are eroded at the ends by the glacier to create truncated spurs.
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Glaciers erode the landscape through quizlet

Valleys with steep sides, wide, but a flat floor. As erosion takes place, the glacial trough becomes wider and deeper. e.g.

Glaciers are different from streams in that they a.
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Glacier List two process by which glaciers erode the land. Start studying Glacial Erosion & Deposition. Learn vocabulary Process that slowly moves large masses of ICE across land creating landforms.

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GVR011 - Kust-& vindprocesser & Landformer - Quizlet

Glaciers not only transport material as they move, but they also sculpt and carve away the land beneath them. A glacier's weight, combined with its gradual movement, can drastically reshape the landscape over hundreds or even thousands of years. The ice erodes the land surface and carries the broken rocks and soil debris far from their original process of sliding that allows temperate glaciers to erode their beds through both abrasion and quarrying. Polar glaciers are gentle on the landscape,perhaps even protecting it from subaerial mechanical weathering local mass balance, b – 0+ ELA accumulation area ablation area snowline, ELA + – Ice Discharge, Q Distance Downvalley, x Q(x) b Because glaciers are among the earliest geological processes studied by geologists whose studies were in Europe, the terminology applied to glaciers and glacial features contains many terms from European languages. 14.4.1 Erosional Glacial Landforms. Both alpine and continental glaciers erode bedrock and create erosional landforms.